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Dominion Group Global provides quality and affordable services. We believe that professionalism is key and the client's satisfaction is our top priority. We specialize in computer sales & repair, travel accommodations, and entertainment/business consulting.


Mission Statement



"Increasing awareness of the technological advancements made in business and aid in the nurturing, abundance, and prosperity of business owner and all the people they affect through the training and proper application of fundamental business principles and to provide the tools and resources necessary for success."



Vision Statement

1. To educate business owners and executives on fundamental business concepts and strategies through the use of in-house and externally created educational materials and practices.

2. Equipping business leadership with world class tools to operate, run and manage their businesses efficient & effectively.

3. To always be in the forefront of business education by staying abreast of the latest and best business strategies, techniques and information.

4. Ensuring that each client receives a worthwhile return on their investments and the goals set there forth.

"Service You Can Depend On"

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